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Welcome to Fort Drum Pharmacy. We look forward to providing you the best pharmacy services from clinical medication management to new medication education at the point of receiving your medications. We understand your time is valuable and strive to expedite your experience as efficiently and safely as possible.
The Pharmacy is closed on all Federal Holidays and Education days. If traveling any distance please call the Pharmacy beforehand to verify hours of operation and changes. You may call the Automated Refill System at 1-800-354-9280 for more information on holiday or special event closings.


Refills are obtained by calling the 24-hour automated refill service, or via the internet at Refills submitted to the system by 1:00pm will be ready by 1:00pm the next duty day. Refills are not held beyond 7 days. 
Do you need to refill your medication, but don't have any refills remaining on your current prescription? Click here to send a secure message to your provider!

Ordering Your Refills Via The Internet

Step 1 - Go to click “Log In”
Step 2 - Log in with your DS Logon Premium, DoD CAC or DFAS myPay credentials. If you do not have DS Logon credentials and would like to, click “Register"
Step 3 - Click ‘Rx Refill’ option on the TOL home page or top navigation bar to request one or more refills
Step 4 - Confirm your primary military treatment facility (MTF) or select a different MTF from the drop-down box
Step 5 - Select your prescription(s) to refill. Choose a Pharmacy Pick-up Location. Submit your refill request
Step 6 - Request refills for your family members by selecting the 'Request Refill by Rx Number' option.
Enter up to six Rx numbers.
Choose Pharmacy pick-up location.
Submit your refill request.

Ordering Your Refills Via The Telephone

Call the telephone refill system at 1-800-354-9280 or (315) 772-3696.
Step 1 – Press 1 to access the Guthrie Automated Refill System.
Step 2 - Press 1 for a refill
Step 3 - Enter the last four digits of your sponsor's social security number followed by the pound (#) key
Step 4 - Enter the numeric portion (only) of your prescription number (found in the upper left-hand corner on the prescription label) followed by the pound (#) key
Step 5 - Listen to the message verifying when you prescription will be ready. If you do not hear this portion of the recording, your attempt to refill your prescription by phone was not successful and you will need to start at Step 1 again.
Step 6 - Visit the Guthrie Pharmacy during normal duty hours with the ID card of the patient to pick up your prescription(s).

New Prescriptions

Guthrie pharmacy now accepts electronically submitted prescriptions. Providers wishing to submit electronically may do so through SureScripts. See below for more details. Original written, properly completed prescriptions are also still accepted. Copies, incomplete, FAX or telephone prescriptions are not accepted. Prescriptions which appear to have been altered cannot be filled.    
ERx Info for providers:
                          DoD Electronic Prescribing Pharmacy Name: DoDFTDRUMePHCY
                          NPI: 1053724807 NABP: 5810824
                          Phone Number: 315-772-3696
Electronic Prescribing Exceptions - Per DEA regulations, we are unable to accept controlled substance prescriptions electronically.
Having trouble reading your label?


The pharmacy operates on a Formulary system and may not carry certain medications, but may have a generic or therapeutic equivalent. A copy of our Formulary has been provided to most area health care providers. Prescribers may call 315-772-4036 to request a copy.

TRICARE Formulary Search Tool

Use the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool to look-up your drug. A search can tell you:
  • Formulary status (generic drug, brand-name drug, non-formulary drug, non-covered drug)
  • Where the prescription can be filled
  • Copayments and limitations, such as prior authorization
  • Coverage review requirements and forms
  • Alternative medications, including costs
To start your search, you’ll need to put in the brand name or generic name of the drug and then select the strength prescribed, as well as your gender and age.

Over-the-Counter Program

The pharmacy offers an over the counter medication  program for soldiers, dependents, and retirees seeking treatment for minor aches and pains, allergies, cold and flu symptoms, as well as some skin ailments.  Patients may select up to 3 different items per house hold per day.  Service members seeking liquid Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Benadryl for their child, must do so at the Guthrie pharmacy. 

**Disclaimer: MEDDAC Pharmacy Staff reserve the right to not provide over the
counter medication if there may be a potential for overuse/abuse of the
Available Over-The-Counter Medication

General Information

Two prescriptions for the same medication/class cannot be current at the same time. The later date of prescription supersedes any previous prescriptions.
New prescriptions are valid for one year from the date written.
New prescriptions for controlled substances must be filled within 30 days of the date written and refills are valid up to 180 days.
Prescriptions cannot be mailed to patients; the TRICARE Mail Order (TMOP) supports patients who require mail order service.
More information about the TRICARE Mail Order Process(TMOP) can be obtained by calling toll free, 1-800-DOD-TMOP(1-866-363-8667), via the web at , or pick up a TMOP information pamphlet in the Pharmacy waiting room.
Note: Prescriptions which have not been picked up within seven (7) working days will be returned to stock. If circumstances prevent pick-up within five working days, call 315-772-7698 to request a hold for an additional period of time.
Safe Medication Use

Patient Education Materials

Patient education materials and information on most prescription drugs are available at the first filling, and anytime upon request.


Patients wishing to dispose of unused or unwanted medications may do so via the MedSafe located in the Guthrie pharmacy waiting area. A MedSafe is also located at the TMC pharmacy for Service member's wanting to dispose of medications. Please adhere to these special instructions when brining your medication in:
  • Leave medications in original packaging/containers when possible.
  • NO liquid containers more than 4oz. Place in a plastic baggy before depositing.
  • NO sharps containers, needles, syringes, batteries, aerosol spray cans, trash, medical devices, chemicals, or other hazardous materials.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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