Health Services

Environmental Health

Services We Provided

  • Sanitary inspections of on-post food service facilities, child development centers, barber and beauty shops, sports facilities, swimming pools, and recreation areas.
  • Water buffalo and field water container certifications upon request.
  • Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard field training support to include ROWPU, field mess and field sanitation inspections upon request.
  • Site surveys for on-post housing to include mold, pest, or other health concerns upon request.
  • Epidemiologic investigations of food and waterborne disease outbreaks on post.
  • Water quality testing for Fort Drum's drinking and recreational water.
  • Technical assistance and guidance on solid and hazardous waste management.
  • Administer the installation pest and disease vector management program including routine medically important pest surveillance, mosquito borne disease surveillance, rabies reduction, and tick disease surveillance.
  • Manage the Environmental Program Requirements database for all installation medical facilities.
  • Review building plans and conduct work site visits for new construction on Fort Drum when Environmental Health guidance/review is needed.


Field Sanitation Team (FST) Certification Course

Field Sanitation Team (FST) Certification Course is a 40 hour course that certifies Soldiers as a unit FST member. IAW AR 40-5 each Company sized unit must have at least two Soldiers trained and on orders as the Company’s Field Sanitation Team. Contact unit schools NCO or Division G-3 to register.

Medical Threat Briefings

Medical Threat Briefings are required training for all deploying Soldiers and DOD personnel.

Food Service Sanitation

  • ServSafe Course is a manager level food service safety class for installation food service workers. All food service managers on Fort Drum are required to have a ServSafe Certification (or the quartermaster’s food safety certification) IAW TB MED 530. Certification is obtained by attending a 3 day course and passing a formal exam. Contact EH to register.
  • Food Handler’s Course is a short training on basic food safety and sanitation. It is intended for temporary vendors, fundraiser groups and food service employee annual refresher training. Given when requested.

Additional Courses Given on Request

  • Climatic Injury Prevention Courses outline the types of heat and/or cold injuries, signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.
  • Handling Regulated Medical Waste and Blood borne Pathogens Training.

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Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

T29 Lewis Ave.
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