Health Services

Soldier Readiness Clinic

The Soldier Readiness Center (SRC) provides mainly in/out processing services, periodic health assessments, Post Deployment Health Assessment, and other services in support of the medical aspects of military readiness.

Scope of Services

  • Medical In-processing
  • Medical Readiness for Deployment/Redeployment of active duty Soldiers
  • Pre/Post Deployment Health Services
  • Post Deployment Health Re-assessment (PDHRA)
  • Annual Medical Readiness Checks/ Individual medical readiness.
  • If you require an examination for Dental, please call Marshall Dental Clinic at (315) 772-8891 or Stone Dental Clinic at (315) 772-2957
  • Hearing (Audiology Clinic adjacent to SRC Clinic)
  • Vision Screening
  • Personal Travel Overseas **Only Active Duty Soldiers at the Soldier Readiness Clinic.  Family Members/Retirees will contact Guthrie Clinic/Immunizations Section -
Walk-ins every Thursday from 1300-1545, excluding holidays, base closures, ect.
  • Immunizations needed for deployment
  • Annual Influenza Vaccination Program for Active Duty Soldiers. (Scheduled on certain days from September-December)
Please call 315-772-0647 or 315-772-2108 to schedule an appointment for the unit.

Army Public Health –Immunizations Information:
Contains a broad spectrum of information regarding DoD vaccination policies, safety, adverse events, vaccine schedules, and vaccine information sheets. It also contains specific information and links to information about Anthrax and Smallpox vaccine.
Access PHA Link:
PHA Online:
If you are scheduling a PHA appointment, you must fill out the PHA Form located on the web at: This is an electronic version of DD2766. Once at the site, select "New Form" and complete all components of the survey. When finished, "submit" the form.
Instructions to complete a yearly PHA. Complete service members portion of PHA through AKO by:
  • Log onto AKO
  • Go to My Medical Readiness
  • Click on Periodic Health Assessment and complete member portion.
  • If you wear glasses/contacts, be sure to complete yearly eye exam with optometry. Call (315) 772-2234 to schedule your eye exam appointment.
  • After completing member portion of PHA call (315) 772-2778 to speak with a nurse to determine if a scheduled appointment with a provider is appropriate to complete the PHA process.
  • Bring all copies of Temporary and Permanent Profiles to your PHA appointment.
Air Force can be seen in our clinic for in/out processing. All Air Force physicals must be conducted with their assigned PCM to include Separation and Retirement Physicals.
Guard and Reservists must be on orders for longer than 30 days or have Commander’s memo authorizing medical care.

Pre and Post Deployment Health Assessment

The Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) is an important and unique health screening that examines for physical and behavioral health concerns associated with deployment.
The screening is comprised of three components:
  • 3-6 Month Post-Deployment Resilience Training (IAW AR 350-1)
  • DD Form 2900 self-assessment, online via AKO
  • Confidential, one-on-one discussion with a health care provider (each step, along with your honest participation, will ensure an accurate assessment of your health.)
Who takes the PDHRA?
  • All Active Duty, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve and Department of Army (DA) Civilians who deployed outside the continental United States (OCONUS) for more than 30 days to a location with a non-fixed Military Treatment Facility.
When do you take the PDHRA?
  • The PDHRA should be completed 90 to 180 days post-deployment because research indicates this is when deployment-related symptoms may appear. A timely PDHRA is vital to identifying deployment-related health issues early, which has a direct bearing on your life, family, career and future.
  • DD Form 2900:
    • The DD Form 2900 is a series of questions that will help guide the discussion with the health care provider.
    • Access to the DD Form can be found through AKO, and it may be filled out online at
  • Discussion with a Health Care Provider:
    • The discussion with the health care provider can take place either at on-site events, a MTF, a Yellow Ribbon event, a call center event or via phone.
  • The PDHRA is confidential, so candid answers will not impact promotability or security clearance.
  •  The PDHRA is not complete until you speak with a health care provider.
    • NOTE: As of 01 September, you must have your CAC to use the online portal.
Why should you take the PDHRA?
  • The PDHRA gives you an opportunity to proactively identify and then if needed treat deployment-related health problems that may negatively affect their daily life, family, career and/or future.
Where do you take the PDHRA?
  • Your Unit Leadership or S1 will provide you with guidance on how to complete the PDHRA.
We need to hear from you on your experience here at the Soldier Readiness Clinic by accessing the ICE systems and tell us what you think.*DoD&sc=11

Contact Us

Main Desk:
(315) 772-0063

(315) 772-2646

Admin. Officer:
(315) 772-2108

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.
                            12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

10720 Mt. Belvedere Blvd.
Room 1A-175 (First Floor)
Fort Drum, New York 13602

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